Late Announcements and New Maidens

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Late Announcements and New Maidens

Post  The Commander on Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:11 am

We got around at last to announcing Courtney and Savannah as new Maidens. We were holding back till photo shoots could be arranged, but felt it only fair to the girls involved and the clients to now give the girls their own exposure prior to their shoots.
Also, an old favourite is back. Kirsty wanted to try other things, but found that theres no place like home, and was welcomed back with open arms. We'll hopefully have her website up and running by the weekend.
Finally, we have a possible new girl named Layla. Only 'possible' as we need to check out how she adapts to working first, as there are a couple of things we werent 100% about on her interview. Layla is a 24yr old brunette, 5'7", dress size 10, 34FF, and should do well over in the east Notts/Lincs area

My god... its full of stars!

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