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NewsLetter Update

Post  The Commander on Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:35 pm

Many apologies to those subscribers that have been waiting by their inboxes for the latest NewsLetter, but we have been so strung out with work commitments that there has been no time to compose the latest edition yet.
Added to the fact that we have been determining whether or not to distribute to known nobbeds that seem to forget that they only have to unsubscribe if they didn't want to read truths that might hurt, we have had a multitude of interviews to contend with, plus Miranda's photo shoot and video composition, plus the highly successful mini-tour of Derbyshire, all of which has kept us on our toes a little bit. All of the preceeding will be commented on in depth in the forthcoming newsletter which is being composed now, hopefully for a Friday-ish release, depending on the intensity of this weeks workload which has already been phenominal with bookings coming in from all over the country via our usual outlets plus now the MySpace, Facebook and Twitter sites.
We look forward to renewing our acquaintance with all subscribers in the next few days!

My god... its full of stars!

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