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Surprise Package

Post  The Commander on Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:58 am

Two guys, one the great Casanova type and one the 'willing to learn' type, went on holiday to pick up some crumpet.
The Casanova was having a great time, averaging two pulls a day, but the other guy was beginning to get a bit disillusioned as he hadn't had a sniff all week. So the Casanova took him to one side and imparted some of his amazing knowledge to his friend -
'Look, all you have to do is offer an illusion and you're in', he advised. 'Just put a tennis ball down your shorts and the girls will come flocking!'
Next day, the guy went off to the beach armed with his tennis ball and waited for things to happen.
The two guys had arranged to meet at the pub at dinnertime to discuss the days exploits, and sure enough, the Casanova was sitting with his pina colada, surrounded by a gorgeous bevvy of beauties when the other guy walked in - again alone.
'Hey, I thought you said a tennis ball down my shorts would make me irresistable?' Said the guy.
'Yes it would have done', said the Casanova. 'But you're meant to put it down the FRONT of your shorts, NOT the back!'

My god... its full of stars!

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