The Midlands Maidens 2008 Awards Dinner

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The Midlands Maidens 2008 Awards Dinner

Post  The Commander on Fri Dec 05, 2008 2:32 am

This will be held on Monday 8th December in a cosy Italian restaurant in Nottingham, full details of which will be posted in The Hideway on Monday Morning.
The categories for the awards are-
Best Newcomer
Best Gallery Photo
Most Desireable/Sexiest
Most Stylish
Maidens Choice
Maiden of the Year
So far, ALL the Maidens have indicated that they will be attending, and, together with the gold ticket holders, are set for an evening to remember!
Midlands Maidens will be closed for business from 4pm on the 8th until midday on the 9th, and expect to see a full report in the website blog soon after

My god... its full of stars!

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Re: The Midlands Maidens 2008 Awards Dinner

Post  Overseer on Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:56 pm

A big warm congratulations to MMs award winning maidens, staff,
Photographer Guru Dave, Administration and Owner!
Well done to award winning maidens Aimee, Angelina, Giselle, and Hana!
Another excellent year well done x

To each and everyone associated with Midlands Maidens, this goes out to you all...
You are the BEST! We are the Champions of the world!
Heres to another successful year ahead x Cheers x
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