Beer vs Women, the 30 Commandments

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Beer vs Women, the 30 Commandments

Post  The Commander on Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:31 am

You can have more than 1 beer a night and not feel guilty

Beer doesnt care if you fall asleep when youve had it.

Beer tastes good.

You always know youre the 1st one to pop a beer.

With a glass of beer, you know you always get good head.

When you say you love beer, you really mean it.

A beer has no problem with you taking its top off.

Beer has no mother and can be mature within a year.

Beer wont follow you around for a week after youve had it.

Beer makes all ok, woman makes all a problem.

Beer wont get upset if you get home and have another beer.

Beer is haapy to ride in the boot of your car.

Its easy to compliment a good beer.

Beer doesnt want foreplay before you have it.

If beer leaks all over the room, it smells good for a while.

Youre never embarrased about the beer you take to a party.

You can have a beer in public.

A beer is always wet.

A beer will always go down easily.

Big fat beers are always good to have.

When you go to a bar, you can always pick up a beer.

Beer doesnt think football is stupid.

Beer doesnt go crazy once a month.

You can share a beer with your mates.

Beer doesnt demand equality.

Beer stains wash out.

Beer doesnt make you go shopping.

Beer always listens, and never argues.

My god... its full of stars!

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